The Unconquered Fort

It was a rainy day, the tides were really high but I still decided to travel 3 km by a boat through Arabian Sea to reach Murud Janjira, the unconquered fort of 12th century. Janjira fort is situated on an island just off the coastal village of Murud, Maharasthra, India. The fort was attacked many times by the British, Portuguese and even Marathis but no one was able to conquer it. The fort was constructed by Malik Ambar, an Abssynian minister in the service of the Sultan of Ahmednagar . Snapshot_135

On the journey, the boat-man started explaining about the features of the fort, such as the fort is spread over 30 acres of land, there is a tunnel which is connects the fort and Murud town, and many more. The intention behind explaining all these way to persuade the travellers to opt for the guide. And I don’t blame the boat-man because the boat fair was very low, $1 per person and it was the source of earning for him.  After 15-20 mins of journey the boat finally came to a halt in the middle of Arabian sea where I had to walk by the side of the fort’s wall in the water. Holding the sides of the wall, I was finally able to reach to the main entrance of the fort. The gates and the big, tall doors were really fascinating and it increased my eagerness to see more of what is prevalent inside. Snapshot_138

Among the many places to see in the fort, a fresh water lake, few remaining cannons and bastions out of 120 original ones,  the view from the top point of the fort and sculpture on the walls, are some of the them. Level by which I was fascinated by the unconquered history of the fort, was decreasing slowly by observing no or low effort, which the government is initiating to maintain and preserve the fort. Building inside were scatter and broken down, out of which only few walls were remaining, the bastions were rusted and out of place, as if it is rusted iron piece which caries no values, and almost all the buildings were eaten up by the bushes. Such a historical fort which embeds many years in itself and culture was about to be in the verge of extinction. Snapshot_139

It was time to return back, although I was disappointed by the poor maintenance and weak concerns shown by the government to preserve the fort, I was delighted and happy inside to visit such a place that is enriched with great history and culture.

If interested in knowing more about Murud Jangira fort, please do follow me on YouTube as #vlogrijal.  Below is a video about Murud Jangira fort.  Thanks for reading , love from Nepal and #vlogrijal.


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