My Untold Story #2


I was struggling to cope up with many existing hurdles, on top of that the most weighted hurdle in everyone’s life, financial problem was the major helping hand in worsening my life in USA. Although I had some scholarship provided, the college was little expensive and I had to sponsor my studies and living both. It was illegal to work over 20 hrs a week and I also couldn’t work outside of campus, cause there was not much to work outside. The college was in a small town. So, I decided to move to Boston, in search of better job and hope, but things started getting worse. Yes I was able to make good money, but I had to go to community college, life was expensive and wasn’t able to focus much on my studies. Only way was to work more and study less, and finish the 4 yrs course in 6-7 years.

I wanted to continue my study as a normal student, not as a full-time employee and part-time student. After a semester I contacted my previous college, in Iowa, and asked them if I can get more scholarship and continue my education from there. They decided to enrol me, and also asked me to stay on campus, work 20 hrs a week within campus and deposit 90-95% of my earning every month for paying my college bills. Still this wasn’t sufficient to pay my tuition fees but they let me continue for 2 and half more years. By the end of 2 and half years, the amount payable was accumulated to high number considering payments from my earning.

Before enrolling in my last semester they asked me to make remaining payment, and also the full payment for my last semester. I couldn’t ask my family for that huge amount, I didn’t have enough courage, and I know they will not help me with that amount, instead they will call me back. Due to financial crisis, I was kicked out of my college. I requested them to let me continue for my last semester, and was also ready to sign a bond stating that I will not collect my certificate until I finish paying all my bills. But they didn’t listen, I asked help from my relatives, who were in USA but they all started making excuses. I had to leave the college and dis-continue my education.

After this I moved back to Boston, I started working so that I can pay off my bills and continue my education. Mean time I also lied my parents that I was still in College, cause that was best for me at that time. I was not happy, yes I was making money but that was not what I wanted. One day, some old lady at my work said, “Rishab, you are young and capable, time is precious, don’t waste your time here, instead go ahead and figure out a new life again, following this path will give you money but take away the precious time.”

Believe me she was right, working there for more 2-3 years to pay all my college bills could have entirely changed my life. I thought over this for few days,and all of a sudden I decided to buy a flight ticket back to home from the savings. My bad times were not over yet, it escalated once I got home. People start asking why I was back, and I didn’t say anyone anything, I choose to ignore. When I was in need no one asked, so I thought it was not meaningful to explain to them, and  believe me they were not asking to understand, but instead to judge me. My silence was a trigger to many humours about me among friends and relatives but still I choose to ignore.

Life was not over, there is many more to come. But I will talk about it and how I ended here in Mumbai in my next blog.Right now I am watching Ganesh Bisarjan (religious festival)  from my window, people are dancing and enjoying, so am I, happy and satisfied.

This blog is a sequel to my previous blog. Love from Nepal and #VlogRijal (Rishab Rijal)

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