Naturally NEPAL: Eastern NEPAL

“City life, you can see the lights not the stars”. Life in city is hectic, advanced and comfortable but it always lacks the golden touch of peace and peace within. After a long period of time spent in Mumbai, one of the greatest city in India, I decided to take a break and visit my home country, Naturally Nepal. I don’t know if it only happens with me or to everyone else, whenever I get to the peaceful and beautiful mountains of Nepal, I don’t feel like going back to the life I am living. The mysterious beauty of the landscape and the unexplainable greatness in People’s nature of that place always keep me wondering, “Why dont I live here instead of going back to the cruel polluted world?”

my nepal 1

Although I am Nepali, I have not been able to satisfy my desires to conquer all the natural beauty of Nepal through my eyes. The more I travel, see places and people, the more I have feel like I haven’t actually been able to conquer the beauty. It is somewhere similar to the human nature towards money, i.e. the richer we get the more our thirst for money rises. I am from an industrial town located on south-eastern Nepal, Biratnagar (city). It’s in the plane region of Nepal, but just an hour of drive through dense forest and majestically Dharan (city) can take us  to a whole new world, which is situated above the clouds, called Bhedetar. Life feels different, and actually is different when you can see the clouds just passing through your eyes. The mystery of being able to touch the cloud but not able to hold it, explains a lot of inevitable truth of life that can only be felt and realised in the very same moment, but can’t be expressed in words.

my nepal

Moving further towards Namaste Jharna (waterfall) from Bhedetar, the landscape is so diverged that one moment you are above the clouds and in the other moment you find yourself sloping down the hairpin turns of the mountains. Namaste Jharna is just half an hour drive from Bhedetar, but this place is no more filled with clouds, instead you can find yourselves surrounded with forests which ends up in a big rock which is pounded by a large mass and force of water coming through the heart of mountains and falling from a height of 200 metres.The pressure of water is of such a high extent that it can make you fall on your eyes. The moment of impact of your knees and the ground will not hurt you, instead it will make you realise, how far you have pushed yourself in the artificial world, that you have lost the feeling of being down to earth. This love and feeling of nature will just take you into the charismatic world of peace, where you can only hear silence, see the infinity, feel the nature and speak the speechless.

This was all about  my thoughts that arose inside me during my road trip from Biratnagar, Dharan, Bhedetar to Namaste Jharna. My journey didn’t stop her, it was just a beginning.

If interested in knowing more about the place, please do follow me on YouTube as #vlogrijal.  Below is a beautiful video about landscape of Nepal, from plains to mountains, ending in Namaste Jharna.  Thanks for reading , love from Nepal and #vlogrijal.


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